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Preston Trail Village
17194 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75248
Grocery-anchored neighborhood center

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Preston Trail Village is a 155,993 square foot grocery-anchored neighborhood shopping center located at the intersection of Preston Road and Campbell Road, in North Dallas, Texas. Built in 1982, the center is 82.2% occupied and anchored by a 64,066 square foot Kroger, the Ogle School and Crossroads Diner, a landmark Dallas breakfast venue. Additionally, Bank of America occupies a free-standing outparcel.

Preston Trail Village caters to a broad, dense in-fill trade area and is surrounded by several of the wealthiest neighborhoods in North Dallas. More than 138,000 residents with an Average Household Income of more than $96,000 live within three miles of the center. Furthermore, the immediate submarket contains more than 30 million square feet of office space, employing 127,000 people. The New Shelton School main campus is being developed across Preston Road from the property, bringing 1,400 students and a faculty of 270 to the intersection, which will drive more tenant demand at Preston Trail Village. The total buying power of the trade area is estimated at $4.1 billion.

Kroger is the #1 market by revenue in the United States. With an S&P rating of BBB and nearly 2,800 stores, Kroger is the third largest retailer in the world with annual revenues of $115 billion. The Kroger at Preston Trail has anchored the center since it was built in 1982, demonstrating its commitment to this very dense and affluent trade area.